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About the Wrightsville Beach Area

We overlook a stretch of ocean that has been plied by ships involved in every major American conflict over the past several hundred years. Revolutionary warships, pirate vessels, blockade runners, union and confederate ironclads, German subs, liberty ships, coast guard cutters and aircraft carriers have all at various times navigated these sometimes treacherous waters known as the region of the Cape Fear. Servicemen bound for, or returning from foreign shores have strolled this beach with loved ones.

Offshore, the North Atlantic collides with the Gulf Stream, creating an environment conducive to myriad aquatic life. Here, generations of fishermen have pulled countless tons of fish from the sea. The back waters still team with oysters, crabs, shrimp, trout and flounder. The great Blue Marlin is hunted and released here. Dolphin, tuna, and mackerel chase schools of bait fish across a submerged landscape of coral heads and rocky relief. Tournament fishermen from all over the nation come to chase their prey in expensive boats.

A steady flotilla of pleasure, commercial, and sport fishing craft flows behind Wrightsville Beach up and down the Intracoastal Waterway. Surfers, sailboarders, jet skiers, divers and swimmers play in the water that rolls up on this island. Sunbathers lie on the white sandy beach while a hundred different sea birds fly around in pursuit of another days meal. The sun sets the marsh grass aglow in the west, and a Carolina moon rises over the ocean, leading to yet another sunrise over one of the most dynamic pieces of ocean on the planet. No wonder our clients want to own a piece of this beach.

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