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About Hardee Hunt and Williams

The Locals Choose Us For Good Reason “Why do the locals choose our firm when it comes to hiring their Realtor? Because no one knows the local market like we do. And no one represents clients like we do. We have a 30+ year track record of achieving successful results for our clients. We do things a little differently; some might say better. All we can say is our approach works.” Jim brings an accounting background to the firm. As a UNC grad, he went right into the corporate world, but the coastal lifestyle soon lured him away. It wasn’t hard to persuade his wife to come along. When not talking real estate – you might find Jim behind a grill, he’s one of the best cooks on the island.
You Don’t Earn People’s Trust Overnight “When you’ve been part of a community for more than 30 years, people get to know you. They know whether they can depend on you. They know you’ll be straight-up with them, pay attention to the details and go the extra mile. That’s how we’ve built our business. Old fashioned? Maybe. Effective? You bet.” Ronnie is a beach boy through and through. He graduated from UNCW and met his wife while waiting tables at the Bridgetender. During the summer you are likely to find him out on the water. His favorite summertime food is locally-caught fish (preferably hooked on his line).
What Makes HH&W The Locals’ Choice? Results.
“We have been successfully helping folks buy and sell real estate for a long time. We like the properties, but what we really enjoy is interacting with the clients. They are the reason we are in business. Although we embrace the latest technology, we know that at some point every transaction becomes personal. That’s when having the right agent in the deal can make all the difference.”
When Randy isn’t working a real estate deal, you might find him surf fishing on Lea Island or way up in a salt marsh raking clams. He’s an old Raleigh boy who attended E.C.U and kept heading east. He thinks he landed in the right place. So do his clients.
Why You’ll Never See A Lockbox On A HH&W Listing. “Lockboxes are a convenient way for a listing agent not to be present when your house is shown. We think our clients deserve better service than that. When a prospective buyer enters a HH&W listing; the lights are on, the blinds are open, and one of our partners is there to answer questions and professionally present the property. Call us old fashioned, but we believe personal service never goes out of style.” Ace grew up surfing every break on the beach. His roots run generations deep in this town, and now he and his wife are raising their own family on the island. After graduating with a computer science degree from UNCW, he opened the local coffee shop. His personal connections and years of sitting on the WB Planning Board serve him well in the real estate business.
Elizabeth is a Wrightsville Beach native through and through. She grew up working in the family business, the iconic WB fish market, Motts Channel Seafood. When she’s not fishing for a real estate deal you’ll probably find her…well, fishing.